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Aunt Delphine

Finally! I can finally write about this quilt for Tim’s Auntie, Delphine Love.

Way back in February, when Tim’s mom was in the hospital, her health was failing and so we gathered around her bedside. Tim, his brother Bob, sister Maggie, sister Annemarie and Tim’s dad, along with Auntie and I, did what we could to support his mom and each other those final two weeks.

Auntie and I decided to take the midnight shift so that the ones who had to work during the day could get some rest. Auntie and I spent many of those hours catching up on life and she shared many stories of life with Tim’s mom. We usually talked all night long. Well, one of us listened, and one of us talked all night long! I am grateful for our midnight talks and I will always remember with fondness our time together in the hospital.

Before we parted, we talked about quilts. She mentioned that she had one in her younger days; it was long gone but she remembered that it was pink and purple, her favorite colors. I set out to make her a quilt using her favorite colors, but I also had a yearlong challenge to only use scraps in my stash to make quilts. Most of the fabrics that I pulled made it into the quilt but some didn’t make the final edit.  I did have to purchase the backing fabric, but otherwise I stuck to my goal and used what I had.


I found the pattern online for free at the Moda Bake Shop called, Gooseberry Star Patch Quilt by Greta Peace,  and I just love it! I wanted to show off the star pattern so I made a few of the stars in a solid purple fabric.


At over 80 years of age, Delphine Love is still moving and shaking! She’s a hard woman to get a hold of but we’re finally getting together and I’m so excited to pass along her new quilt.

A look at the quilting
A look at the quilting




Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!





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