One of the oldest quilts made by Caroline Diebold Seiler

My grandmother, Caroline Diebold Seiler, will always be my inspiration when it comes to quilting. To this day I  treasure the quilts she made.

Grandma Seiler enjoyed her garden, roses, butterflies, embroidery, appliqué,  hand quilting and designing her own quilts. Much of her inspiration came from the things she loved.  I am very fortunate to own some of her quilts and even some of her quilt sketches.   I can spend hours looking at her handiwork and admire all the effort and time that was put into each piece and her quilts are treasured throughout the family.

For me and my work, I seek to explore color, shape, texture, traditional and contemporary themes in quilting. As a recent convert to the quilting world, I am interested in the history and techniques from days past and I am also willing to play with the latest ideas in modern quilting. I also love to tell a story with my quilts.  Just about every quilt that I’ve made has a purpose and a story behind it.

For every quilt that I make,  I hope to bring joy and comfort. Most of my work is given away to various charities. From hospitals, hospice, foster kids, strangers in need, nursing homes or friends and family, ultimately my goal is to give a bit of the handmade/homemade that can bring a smile or lingering comfort in a world that can be lacking a gentle human touch.

Following in my grandmother’s footsteps, I enjoy the entire process from design to the final binding stitches. I will dabble in garment and bag making from time to time,  but the quilting bug has a hold on me.

I teach and am always eager to share my knowledge and passion for the craft.

Thanks for stopping by and happy quilting!


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